❤ Zindagi Mubarak

We watched Zindagi Mubarak[English:Wish you a blessed or happy life]... err.. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara[English: (You) won't get this life again!] last weekend... Actually, Zindagi Mubarak is what V thinks we saw.. :D All because he doesn't understand Hindi too well and ZNMD is a mouthful for him [like it was a handful for me to type :)]... But don't you think for someone who doesn't understand Hindi, he did get the gist and came up with an apt name... Zindagi Mubarak

In the movie, the three main characters are hung up about something or the other- impending marriage, father issues.. But the one, that I feel most would identify with, is Hrithik's character...

Our reasons may differ but the end result is the same... Most of us forget the present while we are busy chasing some distant dream... A bigger house, a better car or earning enough to retire at 40... I am not saying we should give up our dreams...Not at all... In fact, dreams are very important in life...They help us choose our paths... But I feel we should learn to have a balance... While the difference between reckless and free-spirited is responsibility; the difference between staid and free-spirited is also the same, responsibility... Just that one is the lack of it and other other is an excess of it...We need to find a balance... We need to find a way to be somewhere between reckless and staid...

The movie's message was simple... "It's just one life that we get and given the uncertainties of life, can we afford to waste our present...?". I don't think the message is any new to us... I am sure none of us while watching the movie felt something like "Wow... I didn't know that!!". All of us know it... Its just that we forget it sometimes... And we need something like ZNMD... Or some friend wishing us "Zindagi Mubarak" to remind us :)

So here is a toast.... [Hope you are raising your invisible glass :D] Zindagi Mubarak my dear friends...To an adventurous journey full of surprises, happiness and love...To life, the one and only...

❤ Ashwini

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  1. The golden mean. balance. all good things. become a buddhist.