Just some thoughts....

I am never alone, but always lonely
I never cry, but a lonely tear escapes
I had forgotten almost how it used to be with him...
But my friend, loneliness, is very faithful
He returns every now and then...
An Incomplete Poem...

It was a beautiful sight, when we sat by the lake
A cool breeze across, flowers trembled and leaves shaked
In the backdrop of trees, birds sang their songs chirpily
The bees gave them their humming music
and the butterfiels danced merrily.
With you by my side even i felt high,
So happy, my heart so light, i felt i could fly
We then walked back, with your hand in mine
Knowing that our love was eternal and would last till the sun shines
I had so much to say, so much to tell you
But what do you do when words aren't enough?
I wished you would look into my eyes and understand
That like your shadow by you i'll stand
And during the periods of darkness, I'll be the one within you
Scaring away your sorrows and always loving you

Something i wrote a long long time back...makes me smile today.. :)

Whenever I look up in the sky
I just do not know why
I always think about you
and the moments we spent together, oh so few
Whenever I look up at the crescent moon shining up there
I feel even you might be looking at it from somewhere
Whenever I feel on me the silver moon rays
I remember all the different ways in which you showed you cared
Not a single day has since gone by
which did not make me remember you and cry
Now that we are so far apart
I've picked up all our memories and stored them in my heart
And now whenever I open this treasure chest
I relive all these moments to my very best
I feel sad when i think we cant spend our life together
But I thank God for giving us a chance to love each other.