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When I decided to do this 8-day Alaska trip all by myself, I was both excited and worried. Excited? That's obvious, right?... 8-day vacation to Alaaskaa... Why worried then? It was that "all by myself" bit. I knew it could only go one of two ways - either I enjoy it like any other vacation... Or I am utterly miserable... Looking at the pattern in the past few months, I think it was a fair toss between the two.

But now more than halfway into the trip, I am happy to note that I am doing just fine. I am content being with myself. :) Know what, I think I am pretty good company, very entertaining. (You should hear what goes on up here in my head, and you will know what I mean...) Oh, I am not self-aggrandizing! I think after spending so much quality time with me, I can actually have an "unbiased" opinion on this... Haha.. Anyways, I digress (as usual).

So, as I was saying, I like my own company. I enjoy spending time just staring at all this beauty around me - watching nature at play, watching its mood swings everyday, how they change from a smiling sun to the sulking rain. I like meeting new people, the morning conversations over a hot cup of coffee, listening to the stories each one had to share... This was one thing, I was most apprehensive about. I have always been painfully shy in front of strangers. (Yeah, all those who know me well, you can stop guffawing. I can be shy, stranger things have happened!! :P). I love driving around in the rain, just thinking or listening to my audio books.

There are some things that I can't do alone though - like going on some of the hikes. Besides the obvious weight issues, there is another weightier issue - those grizzlies. For every hike, at least one person has commented on how they encountered grizzlies, and how it was fortunate they were in a group. However small the probability of me encountering a bear, there is no way I am going alone after knowing this!! So next time, I would love to have some company to do the things I am missing out on. (Even if they turn out to be bad company, as long as they are good bear food, I am ok ;) Haha...)

Unexpectedly, but thankfully, this has been a great trip. I know something about myself today that I didn't know 5 days ago - that I don't feel lonely just because I am alone. I know I will gladly do this again. And I know everytime I do this, I will have great company (Not the grizzly food... But me... :))

❤ Ashwini

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  1. hi ash...very well written...glad you had a grt time and for your next trip i will love to be the tasty bear food!!!